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  1. Watch Key Phone
    Ohh cool, thanks!

    PS, I'm back for now But will be less active in future :yep:
  2. dungeonkeepr
    Hey, logged back in briefly, to send you this link: (thought you might be interested, seeing as you sent me to her blog in the first place )
  3. Watch Key Phone
    Good luck! :jumphug: You're the best.
  4. dungeonkeepr
    I shall try for will power, which I clearly don't have. If that fails, then yes, perma-ban. I've only got 8 weeks for my dissertation and stuff and this year really matters, so I have to buckle down, really.

    I shall, I shall. I'm terrible at remembering to comment and I'm actually way behind on reading, but I shall catch up

    *don't know what to say* thanks.
  5. Watch Key Phone
    Oh rubbish. Will you get them to permanent ban you or something?

    Yay! :awesome: Comment every now and then if you like, make me look popular

    :eek: :eek: :eek: I can't even express how amazed and flattered and happy that makes me :eek: :hugs: You're the best. You really are, the best. Some of the most inspirational things I've ever heard came from you. And if you ever do class me as an inspirational person to you, know that you've been an inspiration to me too, and I wouldn't have been the same without your help either.

  6. dungeonkeepr
    Briefly back. They don't let you destroy accounts ANYWAY: yeah, back to say I'll still read your blog Because blog. Which means I still exist a bit. Byeeeeee *hug* (and never forget, you are actually the strongest person I know. I will actually be writing about you - full anon of course - as the inspirational woman I know for a contest, if i have time)
  7. Watch Key Phone
    Haha, that's ok I've been trying to remember to rep more people like I mentioned a while ago :teehee:
  8. dungeonkeepr
    Thankies I haven't been on TSR enough to spread my rep around enough to rep you back, sorry. I should do that more, so I can rep more people.
  9. dungeonkeepr
    Cool Let me know how it goes
  10. Watch Key Phone
    Cool, that looks really good I think I'll sign up and see if I like it
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