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  1. HellOnHighHeels
    See, told you my school was crap! :P
  2. Miracle Day
    Band 5 is the lowest PMSL

    Oh wait, lewis boys is the lowest but one band and Lewis girls is the lowest lmao!
  3. HellOnHighHeels
    Rub it in why don't you..:P
    I thought my school was, we got a level 5 or something stupid like that
  4. Miracle Day
    Cwm Rhymni is the highest rated school in the area.. Lewis Boys is in the lowest band lmao!
  5. HellOnHighHeels
    Ah, you don't do anything my mate does then
    Apparently the boys school is awful compared to others around here-mine isn't much better.
  6. Miracle Day
    Ohh I only go there on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and sometimes Thursdays when I pass by getting off at Pengam Trainy to walk to my school. I know some people from there though. And my childhood friends were all from there.. haha! That's prob where those three names sound familiar.

    I wish I went to Lewis Boys tbh
  7. HellOnHighHeels
    Don't worry, that's where my childhood friends are I went to primary there.
    I mean 'Lewis Boys', we generally call it 'the boys/the boys school' in my school..or as my head of 6th puts it...''Pengam Palace'' :|
  8. Miracle Day
    Llanbradach (dont judgee meee!) what do you mean 'The boys'? lol
  9. HellOnHighHeels
    Caerphilly itself, I'm about 3mins from ASDA. You?
    Out of interest, what do you go down the boys for, cause my best mate practically lives there.
  10. Miracle Day
    Yup she's irritating!
    What village are you from?
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