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Conversation Between Ogrice80 and ellie157

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  1. ellie157
    oh that's weird! sounds like you had some hard interviewers, I bet you came across well as a person though and you've got a good shot I didn't get why vet or why bristol either, just lots on ethics of breeding like pedigrees and high yielding cows.
    i think any offers will come in a letter next week, fingers crossed & good luck
  2. Ogrice80
    Well, they asked me really awkward questions :L nothing on my work experience, personal statement or why i wanted to be a vet etc. Or diseases :P

    So I guess i'll have to wait and see
  3. ellie157
    oh no! why? I'm sure it was better than you think! I thought mine was OK, I think I got quite lucky with the questions and got things I knew bits about like the ethics of pedigree breed standards but it's hard to know what they thought of you!
  4. Ogrice80
    Yes I am! How did your interview go after? Mine went terribly unfortunately ha
  5. ellie157
    hello! you wouldn't happen to be olivia who i met at bristol yesterday? it's a bit of a long shot but i had a look on the stalking page and you were the only person with an interview yesterday whose username began with 'o'! apologies if i've got the wrong person haha but if it is then this is ellie who had the interview just before yours.
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