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    "Give them back their bloody islands. I am fed up of having my taxes go on supporting some useless bits of rock that no more belong to Antarticta than they do to England. If the 2000 Falklanders want to remain British, then let them move to England." - lol!

    you are against gay marriage? you have sense.
    It annoys me so much that you make a pro-usa thread and it gets deleted so rapidly. If you make any comment about the US that isn't that it is the worst nation in the world and you get shot down and labeled as a troll.

    You should move to the US. We could do with more people like you - our country is being turned socialist very rapidly. It's deeply saddening. I am about the only person my own age who thinks that socialized medicine like you have in europe is a bad idea; I'm the only person who still believes the invasion of Iraq was justified and there seem to be few people who share my views on gay marriage my age.
    Haha, 'BBC, which aims to discredit any politic viewpoints that stand to the right of Trotsky'. I love that! Heh, canadians do make me laugh sometimes.
  4. Otkem
    Well we have the BBC, which aims to discredit any politic viewpoints that stand to the right of Trotsky. I've been to the USA many times and found it a wonderful country. I lived in Canada a couple of years ago and saw a lot of anti-Americanism there as well, but that was probably jealousy because of their international insignificance.
    I don't get where the constant hate comes from. We're not all that different as countries. There are plenty of people I know who are just as socialist as the next guy on tsr, so it can't be ideological. I think a lot of people have a warped view of the us and are also blinded by dislike for our country. Perhaps the media doesn't portray us too well?
  6. Otkem
    The anti-Americans on here get on my nerves so much!
  7. Otkem
    I'm bi.
    Is it true you're homosexual?
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