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  1. frequent_flyer
    No idea what is on the STEP. The maths wasn't complicated, but I had to think on my feet a lot and not only come up with answers but then apply it to a real life situation and extrapolate a bit. It's not something you can practice.
    I don't remember what the experiments were but I wouldn't say it's important.
  2. FBailey23
    Yes I plan on doing lots of research as well, I suppose it's one of my strong points , and looking into the subject more as well. What kind of information was on the experiments (as I didn't do a science subject except for maths I'm trying to see if I know how to analyse it)? And what did the mathematical scenario entail (maths is one of my best subjects but I'm only at AS level), is it like a STEP paper?
  3. frequent_flyer
    For my first interview at Wadham college I was given an article to read for 30mins. We talked about that for a bit and I was asked some questions based on experiments.
    For my other interview I was given a report on two different experiments and some prompt questions to think about, and another 30mins. In the interview we discussed one of the experiments, and then I had to talk and work through a mathematical scenario using a whiteboard.

    As for how I got the offer, I'm honestly not sure. I did get on very well with my tutor, but that's not something you can recreate- I think it helped that I asked current students at that college about the tutor before I applied there. I honestly think it's just because i'm super keen and did ****loads of stuff to prepare
  4. FBailey23
    Sorry, I sent similar messages to a couple of people, so I must have copied and pasted their name onto your message.
    How was the interview structured, and how do you think you got the offer,
    if you don't mind me asking?
  5. frequent_flyer
    did you mean to send that to fionayoung?
    Just incase, I'm going to be controversial and suggest you drop Economics instead of Art because creativity is more relevant. General advice is on the TSR wiki though. I suggest you do as much background reading as possible, to help you get through your personal statement and interview. Good luck.
  6. FBailey23
    Hi fionayoung,
    I saw you got an offer from Oxford, I was wondering if you had any advice for the application (the interview, personal statement, etc) as I am applying there in october for 2012 entrance, probably for Psychology and Philosophy.
    My A levels are Maths, F Maths, Eng Literature, Economics, and Art (will drop art) and I am predicted highly A-A*.
    Thanks, FBailey23
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