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  1. Fusion111
    Lmao @ 'we'ill see how the first one goes.' No, i got my results last year, i took a gap year this year (long story, i'll tell you one day face to face.) So yeah, got my results last year so i can just relax and have no worries. Lmao, i swear some of the guys messages were actually really funny, why were they bothering you? Asking for your last name! lmaoo anyways chat to you soon
  2. Ilovemybaby
    Let's see how the first one goes 18th results day :O isn't yours? :confused:
    I've had enough of them, they do make me laugh though with half of the crap they come out with.
  3. Fusion111
    lmao, yeah how many are you planning to keep, last year i kept about 25 the year before zero. :| lol haha but hopefully i'm going to keep all of them. Yeah, is it your results day on the 18th? Good luck, you'ill be fine hopefully. (lmao at the chat up lines below.)
  4. Ilovemybaby
    Yes it's good. Want to come back though - results day on the 18th eeek
    Oh yes I will
  5. Fusion111
    Yeah, hope you're having a good time. Weekend was fun, went out with some friends. Next weekend will be more fun, going to see some of my mates after 1 year! Then from next week on it's fasting time. :|:| Lol, you plan on keeping any?
  6. Ilovemybaby
    Still in Barnet lol going home soon.

    How was your weekend?
  7. Fusion111
    I'm all good thanks, just been quite busy working, football, mosquito bites etc.. You back home yet?
  8. Ilovemybaby
    Hey I know I haven't been on for a while.
    I'm good thanks and you?
  9. Fusion111
    hi, finally you're online when i'm online! Anways, how are you?
  10. Ilovemybaby
    No, my dad lives there in Barnet.
    Aha yes god! it's so crazy!
    Probably going home start of next week hopefully
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