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  1. Fusion111
  2. Ilovemybaby
    Yeah I guess I'm excited.

    Yeah I'm going france with my dad, flight should be anytime soon :eek: x
  3. Fusion111
    Yeah, i know what you mean but it should be pretty awesome, alot better than going home isn't it. Lol you at heathrow airport! You going somewhere or dropping/picking someone up?
  4. Fusion111
    Haha oh that's good that you've sorted you're accommodation out, which halls will you be living at?
  5. Ilovemybaby
    No I haven't
    Yes thats all sorted, thankgod for that
  6. Fusion111
    Yeah loll i am indeed hopefully, am all good, thought you might have forgotten me! Ohh and is everything with accommodation alright?
  7. Ilovemybaby
    Hey! Oh I do remember you.

    You're going to be my buddy from manchester :eek::eek:

    I'm good thanks, how are you?
  8. Fusion111
    You okay? Remember me?
  9. Ilovemybaby
    Bye x
  10. Ilovemybaby
    Lol I know right I can just imagine it. I'll do it first thing tomorrow. Why after 3/4 days are you going somewhere, thankyou your name is also nice. ASIM
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