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    ok thats good to hear but dont just look at course. I was borderline between surrey and essex, and fair enough the course was better at surrey but essex has a bigger vibe. The major turning point was that guildford is such a nice place/town and its nice to be in. But looking back i would easily have chosen somewhere like cardiff (This is for my situation) as its bigger/decent course/great vibe
    Dont make the mistake of choosing the wrong uni, look at EVERYTHING as its a 3-4 year decision you are making
  2. ReefSwell
    4/10 if you let yourself become a loner
    9/10 easy if you get a decent set of drinking friends haha

    Sorry for the long message, its just i want to make sure you dont get any false hopes about the uni and then arrive and find its ****. This is my opinion however and i dont go out to all of those nights all the time (i have alot of labs and morning lectures :[ ) i know for a fact that people do and they have great times. Also the friends thing is for any uni you go to, even if its not surrey ^^
  3. ReefSwell
    Make as many friends as you can in freshers - hunt down flat partys and invite yourself in - the more people you know, the more flat partys you can go to ect ect - you have plenty of time to make friends with your flatmates (A WHOLE YEAR!) same with coursemates (often you will find them on nights out but it also helps to make as meet as many as you can in your first few lectures). But the reason i say this, is that if you dont go out in freshers, it basically locks down in the first lecture week and people only really hang around with those they know in freshers. So the more people you know (even if its slightly know them as you can still use that as a reason to go over and become better friends rather then going over to someone who is a complete stranger!) the better the nightlife will be for you
  4. ReefSwell
    PRE DRINK - this is by far the cheapest and best way to have a good night. Go tesco and get either value vodka (put it in freezer so it tastes better) and get mixer or get a crate on offer or the brothers pear cider cans (12 for £8 and they are 7% which is BARGIN!)
    I cant say that this uni compares to others in terms of nights out due to the semi-london prices in a few select places (just aim for student nights and you'll be fine as they are cheap - includes campus club which is pretty decent price wise) and the lack of major clubs, but the uni is small and that means everyone is close together, so i say this as the best tip
  5. ReefSwell
    Thursday:Club called Casino. Basically dont go there any other night apart from the 'Just Play' Nights. Casino is the biggest rip off in the world charging london prices for drinks but on just play nights its goes down to spoons value. Also i dont think they start the just play nights untill a few weeks into the new semester.
    Friday: Main campus nights where they have the big event/theme and its normally really good not much else to say really about friday

    Other notes
    There is a decent two leveled spoons outside casino which is allways a good place to start on a pub crawl, allthough it can get really hetic sometimes (just go upstairs as the bar there gets you served quicker)
    They also do Carnage nights (google it) which are good but it normally ends up in casino which is expensive and ****
    on that note, guildford is expensive, like stupid sometimes. If you deviate from the events i listed on each night, you can expect to have to pay more.
    Also the Pubs are really expensive but also really nice, so its your call
    Also dont go dusk its like so **** it should be bombed (not even kidding its like the scum of scum)
    You will never need a taxi as everything is within walking distance (20 mins max walk but saves you money!)
  6. ReefSwell
    Anyway onto the good stuff.
    Monday: usually a quieter night but the club on campus does a event usually, allthough it is normally quiet. This is because everyone goes to a club called 'Legion' which has its student nights on monday. Its a weird place as its got really low cielings but two floors, but it is a really decent bar/club and everyone reccomends it.
    Tuesday: Not much on these days apart from a jazz club called tickle ivory usually doing a set and ive heard from a lot of people thats its really decent.
    Wednesday: Mid week madness! Firstly i reccomend a really hidden away bar called faranhite which does really cheap drinks till 10 and has a great vibe. (google to find it!). Also the club does a £1.50 night where set drinks (usually a beer/cider + alcopop+ vodka mixer) are on offer for £1.50. Entry is also £1.50 before 11 but slowly goes up in price later on.
  7. ReefSwell
    It really depends on how much you are up for going out, whether you maximise it or not.
    Ill try not to be bias as in reality the university isn't a very party central uni like a london uni or somewhere like cardiff, but dont think thats its terrible as this is only my experience. Speaking to second years, they said when they were freshers it was really busy all the time and had a great vibe and it was apprantly even better the year before, however due to the recession and ****, the number of people going out has decreased. However it is very much a year by year thing so your year could all be mental pissheads and basically put surrey back on the map.
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