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  1. zara55
    Ha, is it Waitrose tuna, or Sainsbury's? That will be the final judgement.

    No, don't have pets, I share a flat with a friend at college but we are both too busy (and self-centred) to have the time and commitment even for a cat. Plus I am slightly allergic, although I like cats.

    Just looked at a few of your posts - we sound quite similar actually. Which coll do you go to? I'm at Edinburgh.

  2. Octohedral
    He's called Socrates. He's not pedigree though (I was being ironic), but he's very middle class. He only eats tuna.

    How about you, do you have any pets?
  3. zara55
    Ha, you win. 6ft 1".

    The cat sounds like a nice upper-middling extra. What's his/her name?
  4. Octohedral
    P.S. 6ft2...

    (Not the cat)
  5. Octohedral
    Yes? I've got a pedigree cat. Well, I've got a cat anyway.

    Ok, you win. I'm still counting myself up there though.
  6. zara55
    Ha, probs. Bet my Dad is taller than yours though.
  7. Octohedral
    Does it count if I'm descended from a caveman who was better at hunting than your ancestor-caveman, and had a bigger cave?
  8. zara55
    Lulz. I am convinced that I am one notch above you in the upper-middles.
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