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Conversation Between cats are cool and Renacata

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  1. cats are cool
    Yep and I'm going to university next year so no cats for a long while it seems! Oh man that sucks but I guess it wouldn't really be practical having one there. I guess there are always about a billion cat youtube videos to fill daily cat quotas - although its not nearly as good as having the real thing, it always makes a better day :P
  2. Renacata
    Aww Get your own! Are you living with your parents still? Yeah, I'm a second year, I moved out of halls... I think there's a no pets clause in my contract though, and not everyone's keen anyway (there are four of us)... and there would be the issue of what to do with it in the holidays, and when we move out... so no, no cats
  3. cats are cool
    Aww well at least you get to see him when you go home! I have to go to a friends house to get close to a cat and that's never as fun as having your own. Are you in a house then, not halls? Maybe you can get one if the landlords ok with it!
  4. Renacata
    One who looks very very much like the one in your sig, but long-haired... that's why your sig made me miss him! Well, he's still around, but I'm at uni... this house NEEDS a cat!
  5. cats are cool
    Haha, I know, it makes me want a cat more and more every time I see it, it seriously never gets boring. What kind of cat did you have?
  6. Renacata
    Your sig is making me really miss my cat...

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