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  1. Arialaxe
    Better...but it's still not perfect. I'm hoping that as the workload increases, I shall adapt, and by the time the IB is over I will be super prepared for university.

    It's also equally probable that I'll sink and give up. We'll see :cool:
  2. chickenonsteroids
    Haha thanks for that

    How's everything go now though?
  3. Arialaxe
    Ha, you've asked the wrong person

    At the beginning of the first year throughout the first year, I was absolutely dreadful at time management. I spent almost as much time complaining about a homework and contemplating it than I did actually doing it. It led to a lot of very late nights and some serious sleep deprivation.

    It's getting better though; I think the way to get yourself motivated to do the work is to just tell yourself that it's got to be done either way and if you don't start now you won't finish it early. Until you've gone for 2 weeks straight with a maximum of about 5/6 hours of sleep then you won't realise what that really means.

    Now I just have a picture of Pembroke College as my desktop background. Every time I feel lazy I see it and smack myself back to work .

    EDIT: Actually, set deadlines for yourself every day. As in, "everything needs to be finished by 9:30PM". Also, write a checklist every evening of which bits of work you have to do. If you don't have everything checked off by the "deadline" then wallow in shame as you've failed the IB for sure
  4. chickenonsteroids
    How do you make the most of your time? I think its going to result in me not doing well if I don't
  5. Arialaxe
    We sort of have double-mocks, some at the end of the first year and some more in January. I started revising for the first ones admittedly rather late; I ended up working like mad in the 2 weeks leading up to them despite all the extra homework our diabolical teachers were giving us. :mad:
  6. chickenonsteroids
    Sorry I got to your message so late. I'm pretty hqppy with my subjects but I'm considering talking to someone about my teacher... he's useless!

    When did you start revising for the mock exams ?
  7. Arialaxe
    Well good luck. Don't aim for 43-44 though; aim for 45 and then see what you get. I began the IB thinking I'd get about 41 or something, so my prediction took me by surprise.

    Also, make sure you've got the right subjects for the kind of course you want to do now, before it's too late. I still regret not picking Physics; at the time, I didn't realise that it would be useful.
  8. chickenonsteroids
    I've only just started the IB but i do want to apply for cambridge personally. I need 40 -42 points for law but i'm aiming for 43 - 44
  9. Arialaxe
    Why thank you very much. It certainly took me by surprise. You applying to Cambridge yourself?
  10. chickenonsteroids
    Your IB prediction is amazing !
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