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Conversation Between Mr Dangermouse and Id and Ego seek

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  1. Mr Dangermouse
    You used my full name :love:
  2. Id and Ego seek
    Hey Daniel

    Off to do my Psychology exam, wooo!
  3. Mr Dangermouse
    Hey Matty
  4. Mr Dangermouse
    The Scottish education system is portrayed as difficult because we have the average IQ or a paperclip.
  5. Id and Ego seek
    Definitely an unpopular opinion from what I've heard
    Glad you like it though.
  6. Mr Dangermouse
    Meh Scottish education seems easier imo
  7. Id and Ego seek
    Do not envy you after learning about your academic system

    He's such a charmer. I just hope I don't become too attached and run away with him.
  8. Mr Dangermouse
    Yes, I'm Scottish.

    I see you've been discovered by Hasan
  9. Id and Ego seek
    aah, Scottish as well as Jordan.

    English Language, Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics, and IT 3:
  10. Mr Dangermouse
    Advanced maths and highers in english, accounts and economics. You? xx
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