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  1. Rascacielos
    I'm not sure yet. The Spanish part of my degree doesn't actually qualify me to practise in Spain - I'd have to do another degree afterwards. But I think it's useful to be semi-fluent in another language and I think UK law firms appreciate the international experience.
    Are you studying Law?
  2. zara55
    Gosh, interesting combination! Do you want to practise in Spain?
  3. Rascacielos
    Yep, Law and Spanish Law.
  4. zara55
    Nevertheless, Judge Judy can be fun. Are you doing Law?
  5. zara55
    Right, I can understand you not taking rides if that's how tight things are. That's pretty hard - don't know how you cope but impressed that you do.

    I heard Southampton is a pretty nice place to study. I am in Edinburgh doing Law. What degree are you studying?

    Strange how all the arguments popping up are so predictable - like, OMG you vegetarians, you know nothing about horses or horse racing, we all eat meat so why worry, etc. All fundamentally irrelevant to the question at hand. It's like on some fundamental level people don't conceive of animals as feeling things, even though there is overwhelming evidence these days that they do.
  6. Rascacielos
    Agreed with all of that.

    I'm in Southampton. The uni does have a pretty big riding club but, like I said, £20 a ride is a lot of money when you're living on £30 pw!
  7. zara55
    Yah, trying to chip in supportively! LOL about your GN-watching motivation! I do enjoy watching horse racing but there are practises in the industry that are cruel. I think the main thing is that horses, like dogs and apes/chimps/dolphins, are well above the run of animals in intelligence and also that we owe them for having specially domesticated the breed - we need to be careful about how we treat them.

    Are you at Uni in a city or country area?
  8. Rascacielos
    Getting quite a bit in the neck about it though

    I used to ride but since going to university, I really can't afford £20 for a session anymore. I care a lot about horses though, always have done. I don't tend to get sentimental about animals but today I was sat watching the GN cheering on the horses, not because I wanted them to win particularly, but in the hope that they would make it over each fence!
  9. zara55
    I'm glad you posted about the National and glad we agree. Do you ride? I think anyone who loves horses would be deeply perturbed about this. Zara
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