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  1. cassadaga
    Hi Xamanus,

    My name is Moa, and I'm a Journalism student at Brunel. Me and a course mate are doing a news package for our Video Journalism module about the stabbing that took place at Brunel last month. Our eyewitness dropped out last minute and we urgently need someone who witnessed the events for a short interview that would take a maximum of 5 minutes to film. The video would not be shown anywhere, only handed into lecturers for assessment.

    If you could help us we would be VERY grateful! We are filming all day today, Wednesday, on campus, but if you are unavailable today, we can arrange to do tomorrow, Thursday, after 4pm and or Friday, up until 4pm.

    Please give me an e-mail back and let me know and we'll get in touch with you! [email protected].

    Thank you very much!

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