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  1. David_Skiller
    ok fam....lets see your going to become a fading memory like your mate Average
  2. David_Skiller
    FAM im still doing STEP and your boi Rahul.S are going to get me Randy Orton the way im a legend killer....RIP LEGENDARY :rip:
  3. Legendary
    looool peak they gave you 10 questions what were they asking u to do add up to 10? only real men sit step they probably didnt ask u to cus your a lil bitch SNM
  4. David_Skiller
    listen your going to get bagged up, jabbed up, gagged up (no homo), stabbed up...dont wana mess with me got 10 solutions in the Trinity test and dont have to sit STEP......SNM
  5. Legendary
    lool we'll see im gonna make u my bitch (no homo)
  6. David_Skiller
    actually......nh we aint bruddddasss.....btw Ive got a Trinity offer.....remember my name: David Skiller- Eton are going to get bullied
  7. David_Skiller
    we brudddddas?
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