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  1. Boooooooooom!
    Heyy, erm well I literally typed "farm" in and researched all the farms in my area and rang them up, I did email them but they take so long to reply. It is difficult to get a farm/lambing wrk exp and if you get a placement at a farm ask them if they do lambing placements as well because its most likely they do and you could come back to the same farm a few months later and help with lambing, however this will probabli be in april/february time, but it varies. Good luck!
  2. Rasha_
    Hey i saw that youre have experience in veterinary and stuff, well im 14 and planning on being a vet, im going into Year 10 and would really like to begin work experience. But for lambing, do i just find any farm and call them up? Im really confused as to how im supposed tofind work experience, like does it have to be a farm people can visit or just any farm? Thanks
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