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  1. runawayxtrain
    err....I wonder how you knew I was in IB math, but anyway, I'm not really sure what you mean. Is it using a co-relation to find a mathematical equation that fits your results, and then you have to discuss your initial hypothesis..blah blah and all that?

    Teen driving...hmm. maybe legal driving age vs no of accidents? different countries have different legal driving age and i'm sure there are statistics for many countries for the no. of accidents. At least I know australia made it harder for teens to get a license by introducing the L and P plates, because of the number of accidents, there should be a correlation somewhere..
  2. spiritwhisper
    Hi Runawayxtrain,

    I have to complete a IB math project that has me design a question and on a topic of interest that can be answered using mathematical processes. I will start by collecting data using experiments, surveys, and use mathematics to analyze the data. My problem is in generating questions that would be answerable with math. I asked my mother who is very smart and she had a few ideas about teen driving and wondered what kind of questions could I ask about that topic. Confused! Joanna
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