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Conversation Between Sophie1805 and gapyearstudent

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  1. Sophie1805
    Oh lovely! Where are you applying? Good luck with your application + I went to Denefield (eww), now I go to Little Heath, applying for Management this year
  2. gapyearstudent
    Really? small world! I went to The Abbey and finished there in 2010 and i'm now finally applying for biochem! what about you?
  3. Sophie1805
    Practically up the road from you. I live near Tilehurst Village.. What school do you/did you go to ?
  4. gapyearstudent
    Right on the border of reading and tilehurst, near prospect park, you?
  5. Sophie1805
    Hey there Where abouts in Reading are you from?
  6. gapyearstudent
    I notice that you're from Reading so I just thought I'd say hi!!
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