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  1. Josieee
    Yeah I live in Kent! But go to uni in Leicester!
  2. Jsee
    Ah same, but still have to go away! Just wondering, you aren't still in Kent, are you? I study at Uni and live in Kent!
  3. Josieee
    Noo I only went once after school finished. I'm at university now.
  4. Jsee
    Good good, sounds like a great place. Are you heading back this year?
  5. Josieee
    Yeah mainly groups of friends from what I can remember!
  6. Jsee
    Ah wicked, many families or is it groups of young people, groups of friends? Thanks for getting back to me!
  7. Josieee
    Yeah it's full of young people! A really nice place to go if you want that kind of holiday!
  8. Jsee
    Hey, I see you went to Sidari, on an post, a few years back. What's it like there? Many young people? I am going with friends in the middle of July, worried about what to expect!
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