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Conversation Between Revent and wam-bam

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  1. Revent
    Okay good luck then!! Let me know how it goes
  2. wam-bam
    jzk for the offer, i'm okay for now
  3. Revent
    Oh okay, Edexcel suck! :lol: I hate them with a passion :p:
    Well let me know if I can be of help
  4. wam-bam
    edexcel just going through spec now myself
  5. Revent
    Don't worry!! You'll be fine What exam boards do you do for your subjects? If you want, I can go over some exam tech with you :p:
  6. wam-bam
    Jzk, i'm really gunna need it for these two
  7. Revent
    Thanks!! You too! Good luck with your exams!
  8. wam-bam
    k, well good luck if you do it, even though you're sorted for bio :cool:
  9. Revent
    Biology unit 4 :p: :lol: On OCR
  10. wam-bam
    same, nw, what bio exam did you say you didn't need to re-take but you might??
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