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  1. rajitispro
    Ah yes! Thanks for replying, I just realised the problem with the e-mail address I gave you. It's! It's OK if you only have those papers, thank you very much for that as well! :P
  2. Superwoman
    I have tried sending you the stuff but it keeps telling me your email is incorrect :s
  3. Superwoman
    yepp sure but I only have maths, chem and english atm.. will try and get Bio HL on monday!
  4. rajitispro
    Hi! I'm taking Maths HL, Chem HL, Bio HL, Geo HL, English A1 SL and Mandarin B SL. If you have papers for any of these, I was hoping you could send me whatever past papers you have. The ones I require are May 2011, but any others would be great too. My e-mail is Thank you very much!
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