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Conversation Between Ice Constricter and Vikki1805

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  1. Vikki1805
    I understand humour, if it's funny.
  2. Ice Constricter
    Yeah your failure to understand humour humours me.

  3. Vikki1805
    I humour you.
  4. Ice Constricter
    Can you not take a joke? :sigh:

    You really think I believed you were jealous? :confused:

    Geez, read between the lines lol we're on a freakin student forum.

    Comprehend, yes? No?
  5. Vikki1805
    They closed the thread, knowing we'd get into an 'off topic' discussion :sly:

    To answer your question, yes, I am oh so jealous of your 4 green gems. I only wish that I had a row of green gems to parade around an online forum... :cry2:

    But seriously, no.
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