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Conversation Between splendidsun and y-y

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  1. y-y
    I havent spoken to you in a trillion years.
    how have you been and hows uni going for you??
  2. y-y
    its going well
  3. splendidsun
    alhamdulillah not bad
  4. y-y
    Hey, how's uni going? long time
  5. y-y
    there's no point really, its only 6 train stops away
  6. splendidsun
    yaah, allow the 1 hour commute, I'll probs stick it out for the first year then see how it goes. Nah was thinking you'd want to get a feel for halls and what not + SOAS is in a buffff area
  7. y-y
    no why would I
    I live in London
    im guessing you are?
  8. splendidsun
    So baffled, I didn't imply that lol. Are you going for accomodation then?
  9. y-y
    He, and no he doesn't live in wembley, I didnt say he was doing pharmacy
    I did RS but not a topic like that ahhahaa
  10. splendidsun
    and you did RS right? Are spirituality and materialism compatible? (Lol, for a project)
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