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  1. Rocketeeer
    well considering you're a DSE student you did fantastic in GCE!
    hell, you covered stuff i haven't even learnt!

    what did they ask you in cuhk/hku interviews? in cantonese/english?

    am having the manchester interview on thursday, fingers crossed :P
  2. dragon_knight
    congratulations!!! i think it'll be individual interview so get yourself prepared

    well... i found it quite irrational too considering that GCE has a broader and deeper syllabus than DSE, but yeah i still did it

    oh i'm applying medical science in edinburgh! i'm applying to KCL QM and leicester medicine with QM deferred. any updates in the other 3 med schools?
  3. Rocketeeer
    cuhk has given me an interview ytd!
    it'll be on 30th december

    alright i'll update the stalking page,

    ohh dse, good luck with that! :P
    but how did you manage to finish GCE before even attempting DSE?
    anyway.. have you applied to any other medical schools?
    beside HKU CUHK and Cambridge, im also applying to Manchester, Edinburgh and Imperial
  4. dragon_knight
    icic. yeah getting back by non-jupas is just hell. grad ppl have a higher academic qualification than us and they surely stand a better chance.

    the stalking page aims to provide information for TSR members to know how well/bad they do in examination and if universities start to give out interview invitations. so it's particlarly useful for ppl like who are got no frequent updates of UK med schools because i am just not studying in UK. but never mind la. it's still ok if not updating the stalking page.

    i am studying DSE because my school does not allow me to study A-levels or CE before the interview was quite good as our group discussion was under a very warm atmosphere. finally relieved for HK's interviews
  5. Rocketeeer
    haha, yeah, i heard about the notorious licensure exam passing rate
    but i meant that getting back to hku/cu for medicine thru non jupas is difficult too
    coz we'll be practically competing with graduate students

    ohh i wouldn't dare dream of being given a scholarship, would be super happy already if i can have a place there..

    actually i don't see much point to the stalking page
    i mean.. all medics applicants have submitted their ucas and are waiting anyway

    what are you studying at the moment? DSE? A-Level?
    how did the interview go with HKU?

  6. dragon_knight
    wait sorry just gone back to our very first conversation. just remembered that u are applying to emma XD

    any interviews updates? btw if possible, update the medical applicants stalking page, so that more information can be given to TSR ppl and beneift all ppl! (just ignore this if u mind XD)
  7. dragon_knight
    == your UKCAT is even higher than mine and your BMAT is only slightly lower than mine zha wor!!! u are actually even ginger than me! XD

    yeah. the licensure exam is very hard and the average passing rate each year <20%. so if u would like to be a doctor in hk, better study in HKU / CU. although u might be coming back as a cambridge graduate, it does not secure a pass in the exam and the protectionism in hong kong is just too severe

    awwww that is such a hard decision. it depends on many other factors. perhaps one of the school may offer me a scholarship! (just dreaming XD) btw u are applying to cambridge also? which college? as a local or international applicant?
  8. Rocketeeer
    thanksss but my best fd, who's in hku for medicine at the moment, got 9A so..
    my UKCAT and BMAT are just alright, im happy with them but not as ass-kicking as yours! LOL
    UKCAT: 745 BMAT 6.9, 8.7, 4B

    i see.. that's cool!
    coz i've heard a lot of stories about how hard it is to get back to hk for medicine
    i hope i get in!

    honestly if you get into both cambridge & hku, which would you choose?
    i don't think i'll get in both but that'd be a tough decision!
  9. dragon_knight
    wow 28 marks = 4A2B = ging!!!
    wow 98% = a secure interview chance in all med schools including hku and cu!!!
    i got only average 91% in my AS. EPIC FAIL

    your academics are exceptionally brilliant! bmat and ukcat are used as a reference by CU but HKU just ignores them == well how was your BMAT and UKCAT? u should have good results too!

    the cu interview was ok la. like it's more like a light conversation rather than an interview. the atmosphere was warm and cozy without many challenges give by the professors.
  10. Rocketeeer
    thanks man :P

    good luck tmr and tell me about it yea?

    nahhh i screwed up maths and amaths in CE..
    28, A in english and sciences, B in maths and amaths LOL!
    AS.. i did alright lah, the average for the top 3 is around 98%
    we both know it's **** easy for those who've been through CE

    your bmat kicks ass! though i dunno if HKU & CUHK recognize them... bmat n ukcat that is
    oh yeah how did the interview at cuhk go?
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