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  1. JMusson
    Aaah. I'm sorry, I completely forgot to reply to you. Yes I'm at Trin now.
    Having only been here 4 weeks its hard to find faults, because if there are any, they're such little niggles its not worth worrying about. Like laundry. That's quite annoying, but only because you have to get a seperate laundry card and it never seems to work when I want it to and grrr... But that's it really. Everything else is lovely.
    If you've come on an open day there's no need for me to tell you how gorgeous it is. Academically I'm fairly sure most colleges are the same so that's not really an issue (and it'll be dependent on subject so I probably can't tell you much anyway, unless you're doing maths)
    Erm.. We're not very good at sport (though quite good for the small number of students here) and, as mentioned, quite a small college, so you get to know everyone really quickly, including all the 2nd years who are all lovely (well.. close enough to all anyway, if we're being honest).
    If there's anything specific do ask, and I'll try not to take 3 days to answer next time
  2. colliewobble
    Hi! I was just wondering if you are at Trinity now; as in, not applying but studying there?. I would love to get your views on what the college is really like when you have some time (although I'm sure you have nothing but nice things to say about it! Thanks!
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