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  1. CharlieBoardman
    Yes, Brian Cox is fantastic! Brilliant at explaining things too I really want to see the world! So many places I need to see.. I did witness it! It was Venus and Jupiter you could clearly see 4 of jupiters moons too! It was fantastic. Venus is beautiful too! So bright! It's great looking at them through different coloured lenses too. Can really see the bands of colour of Jupiter really clearly!
  2. hasan4life
    i saw bits and bob, didnt get to watch it all. but brian cox is awesome. haha cool same, travelling is a must for me too. true that, i do like the stars though did u witness when u could see venus i think and another planet a few weeks ago?
  3. CharlieBoardman
    Did you see stargazing live with Brian Cox a couple of months back? It was pretty good I'm pretty sure I'll land in Sweden at some point in my life! I plan to go to many places before I kick the bucket! I just love a clear sky. Nothing beats it!
  4. hasan4life
    true, eventhough i can only watch on tv nw nothing beats the liive images light pollution sweden is awesome for it, if u go, go to a place called gotland, ita a small island and the view there is beautiful, full ray of stars and in summer their be's a show of lights and star, must see
  5. CharlieBoardman
    It fascinates me! You can get some incredible images. It's just a shame when you get light pollution. How are the skies in Sweden?? My uncle lives in South Africa, and he says it's amazing there. I can only dream.... ^.^
  6. hasan4life
    cool me too used to do it in school alot, then went to sweden and did some. never had the kit, cos its too expensive, but one day if i save up enough lucky friend haha, i would be at his house everyday
  7. CharlieBoardman
    I love it! I'm currently saving up for my own telescope! I usually go round to my dads mates house to use his - he has approximately £3000 worth of kit! :O It's incredible! I can't wait to get my own.. I've got a lot of saving to do yet though
  8. hasan4life
    the astronomy society :five:
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