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  1. br2pi5
    Ahhh also when was your interview? hehe
  2. br2pi5
    Thank you so much for your response! That's great that you felt so comfortable in the interview, that means good news hehe I've been preparing my answers for a while now for the why medicine and why nottingham (although I feel my answers may be a bit too specific, about the university I looked at the prospectus and the course details, but I'll throw some generic points as well) and been preparing myself as well for ethical questions. How many questions did they ask you in the interview (roughly)? How much time did you spend answering each? I think I'm the first person they're going to interview, but I'm hoping nerves don't get in the way and I'm able to calm down during the tour.

  3. Wickersham
    Hey there! Haha thank you, and congrats on getting an interview as well! The interview was really nice and relaxed, and was really just a pleasant, light-hearted chat with two of the teaching staff at the medical school.

    Before I had my interview, they gave us a tour of the medical school and hospital, and the tour guides themselves did say they would ask us a lot of questions on empathy and our motivation to study medicine, but when I had my interview, they didn't ask me anything about the former, only the latter.

    My advice would be to just really read through your personal statement and highlight any points you think they might ask you on. For example, on my personal statement, I mentioned my really dramatic weight loss, so they asked me a few questions about that. Also, brush up on why it is you chose to apply to Nottingham specifically and what it is you liked about the medical school when you went on the tour/open day.

    But really, there's nothing to stress over! They're going to understand that you may be very nervous, so they're not going to try and catch you out by surprise. I actually really enjoyed my interview and didn't feel nervous at all, and I'm sure you'll be just the same as well! Good luck and keep me posted on how it goes. I really hope it goes well for you!

    Have you heard back from any of your other choices as well?
  4. br2pi5
    Hey! I just read you had an interview at Nottingham, congrats!!! Hope everything went well sure you'll get an offer! If you don't mind me asking, how was it? I have mine coming up, and from what I've heard usually there are 2 interviewers that take turns to ask questions on empathy and motivation. Were you able to prepare for all of the questions? Or did they catch you by surprise? Did they ask you the typical, why notts and why medicine at the start? I just wanted to know to prepare myself hehe thank you!
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