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  1. Guygp
    ahh right, hopefully we will soon aha
  2. khaiser turian
    I havent heard anything from Brookes, i think some people are starting to get offers though
  3. Guygp
    you heard anything back from brookes? i haven't heard a thing, not even acknowledgements
  4. khaiser turian
    I only applied last week, so no i havent heard anything
    Ive had some recognition of my applications though
  5. Guygp
    had any luck with them? got my offers from uea
  6. khaiser turian
    Ive also applied for UEA, single politics
    I applied to keele for joint politics and IR
    I have also applied to Dundee and Aberdeen uni's for politics
  7. Guygp
    hi! i spoke to you on the oxford brookes application thread and thought instead of clogging that up, i'd just speak to you on here
    i've applied at
    UEA twice - Culture, Literature and Politics, and International relations and politics.
    Brighton - politics and social policy
    oxford brookes - international relations and politics
    notts trent - international relations and politics
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