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  1. Architecture-er
    Ciao dude, go stuff that protein in
  2. Converse Rocker
    I appreciate it all the same

    Yeah, my mate suggested that as an exercise to me. Like I said, skullcrushers are a very good exercise if you want to give your triceps a bit of a battering. I'm not sure whether it matters too much between standing and bent over rows, I think they both work roughly the same area. Maybe standing hits your traps a bit more but I still have so much to learn about training.

    Off to buy some chillis and then attempt what will (hopefully) be a good protein supper. Catch you later mate.
  3. Architecture-er
    No worries! Take it with a pinch of salt though, I'm hardly the most informed source to get your weights advice from

    I guess so.. I've never really looked into them, I guess they target your triceps and maybe lats? My standard tricep exercise is to hold one dumbell in both hands, hanging down behind my head. Then lift it up vertically, then down until the dumbell touches my back, and then repeat again. Though it's quite hard to keep your elbows angled the same, so that you don't favour one arm over the other
  4. Converse Rocker
    Cheers for the advice pal

    Quick question, if a routine involves 'DB rows', is it assumed that they mean bent-over rows? I'm trying to figure it out and I think it does mean bent over, but I'm a big fan of standing rows because they really work my traps (or at least that region of my back) I still suck at them in regard to weight but I have only done them the past 2 sessions.

  5. Architecture-er
    I'm not sure really, without seeing your body shape, you sound like an underfed endomorph (based on your quick weight gain in 3 days), though possibly an ectomorph.. My dad rowed and I'm practically identical to him, but even I'm too short for the heavyweight rowers (ideally 190cm or thereabouts). However the lightweight rowers are about 180cm and weigh less than 72.5kg, so if I shifted muscle around and improved cardio and technique VASTLY then I could supposedly compete :lol:

    If you're 5'10 at 17, chances are you'll end up at least 6 foot, if not taller, depending on whether you've had a growth spurt yet or not, but yeah, you could easily row casually, only really tiny people wouldn't be able to physically compete, and they can become coxes
  6. Converse Rocker
    Hmm, interesting how there are different schools of thought on this. Whatever is working for you man I'd just keep it up, but I'll look into it.

    I'm not bothered about swimming competitively, just as a hobby and for staying fit. My Dad reckons I'd be alright at rowing, so that's also on the table. Struggling to pick between the two really, thoughts?
  7. Architecture-er
    Nope, just google "bulk up high weight low rep"

    Ok cool! Let me know how it goes, when i go to the gym I just do full-body workouts and try to tire out as many muscles as possible. Maybe I just don't have the drive to push a certain muscle group to exhaustion, and then some! So I just do something until I can't do another rep, then move on, and maybe come back before the end if I really want to focus on that body part!

    When I started swimming at uni again it was so shocking :sadnod: - I used to be a pretty good swimmer and played a brass instrument when I was a child, so my lung efficiency was really good.. But I'd relapsed horrifically so I was sooo pathetic :lol:

    I ended up having to only do breaststroke, and then gradually introduce lengths of front crawl as I went, and start doing breaststroke but only breathing every other pull, etc, just so I could improve my lung efficiency and get myself out of the anaerobic zone
  8. Converse Rocker
    Isn't it the other way round? I once posted a thread about it here and the response I got was:

    1-5 reps = strength
    8-12 reps = hypertrophy
    12+ = endurance

    As a general guideline anyway, obviously they overlap. This is how I thought it worked anyway? Looking at the SS routine (something I hope to try when I move to Uni and join a 'proper' gym) it has 3 sets of 5 reps. If it's working for you though that's great, I'm starting my new routine tomorrow. It's fullbody so it will be interesting to see how that compares to some of the split routines I tried to do. I started a couple but realised the lack of equipment a bit of a problem, this one can be largely centred on dumbbells.

    But yeah in regard to swimming, I need to check what time they open the pool and I'll give it a go. I haven't swam properly for years so I'm not sure how it'll go
  9. Architecture-er
    Hmm, no it's mainly hypertrophy, I think strength is achieved with medium-high reps and lower weight. I've got this method which is to lift as much as physically possible in one rep, then subtract 5-10kg and then do 6x3 sets at that weight, it's really good for bulking up, my rate of weight gain increased noticeably!

    No idea how the price compares, but it's ok stuff. Comes in those massive tubs as per usual :lol:

    I think swimming is actually really good for building upper body strength and definition, but I think it needs to be coupled with strength work if you're to see results, not sure. I really enjoy swimming, but a flat rate of 100 pounds is hard to make good value, since I have to swim on average 3 times a week to 'break even' compared to just paying as I go.. so on that basis I might go more gym-centric and then just pay for pool access when I want to. Plus you can just sneak in and pretend you left your receipt in the lockers if the lifeguards ask, which they rarely do
  10. Converse Rocker
    Bugger man, sounds nasty Hope it clears up for you. You're focusing more on strength then?

    Can't say I've ever heard of MuscleTech, how is it in price compared to the other big names? And I see your problem, trying to predict how much you will be using the pool and courts. I'm thinking of doing some swimming as cardio, and because I want to take up a new sport.
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