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  1. TheGirlNextDoor
    Oh I know! You can play the guitar for me with one hand and box with the other!

    Erm I'm not sure, just out of practise really ... I don't enjoy running as a sport but I like it when it's incorporated within other sports like football, basketball, cricket etc :yep:

    It's okay, there there. I've held back my tears now and I'm gonna try and think happy thoughts so that I don't well up again
  2. Spoonforknife
    I know, told you i'm loco! Ha, yeah, Amir Khan sould be honored to share his birthday with you

    Why are you so slow these days?

    Now i'm crying, :cry::cry:
  3. TheGirlNextDoor
    Ooooh a musician and boxer lol Speaking of boxing, I have the same birthday as Amir Khan, or rather, he has the same birthday as me

    Oh and I used to be able to run, now I'm slow

    I... I can't help it! I'll- I'll try to supress the streams of tears *sniff sniff*
  4. Spoonforknife
    Ooooo! An actress, how cool I'm just a musician and a boxer, got some medals from marathons though

    Don't cry It'll make me cry! :cry2::hugs:
  5. TheGirlNextDoor
    Yeah well I am quite the actress too Got my little medal on my wall

    I'm crying as I'm writing this... So hard to let go :cry:
  6. Spoonforknife
    We sure can be

    So true , if this was a movie the whole audience would be in tears :')
  7. TheGirlNextDoor
    We can... We can still be friends though

    And they also say, "If you love something, you gotta learn to let it go..."
  8. Spoonforknife
    It is indeed

    Aw whaaa? But i'm a boxer Well, as they say, if you really love someone you will do what's best for them :lovehug:
  9. TheGirlNextDoor
    Yes, because that's what friends do!

    But in the interest of your safety I shouldn't come because my plethora of TSR male admirers will hunt you down if they ever found out :ninja:
  10. Spoonforknife
    Let's drink pina coladas and get caught in the rain :grin: Let's go Camden!
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