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  1. kayleigh.jean
    aww nice oh that's a bit's more obvious when you live there
    we have two with offers from Cambridge :O and loads from Birmingham...generally those with As and even Bs have applied to a few Russell/1994 group unis I think. Oxford didn't like our students though :') my head of sixth came into a lesson and was like :lolwut: at my Edinburgh offer being so low 'cause they're "rather snooty" :lol:
    have many at yours?
    as in 30th April?
    yeah...ooh I was thinking of doing that; hate the environment topic so was just gonna go over it a little just in case, but do loads on the others! it's probably a risk worth taking - good idea xD which topic do you have left?
    at least the exam's not till mid june
  2. MeganStacey
    Ahh sorry about the long reply D: Bath is really nice - I stayed overnight for an open day last month and it's gorgeous - the city seems a bit pretentious though which I don't think is as obvious in Warwick or Edin...
    Have many in your school got into Russell groups and stuff? I know what you mean - it does feel like they're genuinely interested! ) 23rd!!! Mine's the 30th...o_o
    you with AQA - doing the environnment, immigration, social/contemporary issues? If so, I'm taking quite a big risk and only revising 2 of the stim card topics in depth and hopefully it'll pay off! We've not studied the last topic yet :O it saves stress, well until exam day!
  3. kayleigh.jean
    that's very true :lol: yeah they're nice...boring if you've lived there for 18 years, but for uni people seem to love them xD ooh Bath's supposed to be really pretty
    it's quite nice having a Russell Group offer for BBB :') I haven't seen language scholarships anywhere! yeah; they're pretty awesome up to £9000, not including government grants and loans :O
    my school try to get as many to apply as possible! so no extra contextual factor a low offer does make it seem as though they want us there xD
    yeah, a bit earlier than last year - April 23rd...but could be worse!
  4. MeganStacey
    Aha, they are very different - but so is Essex and Edinburgh (I can't offer any advice on that one, I'm afraid ). Hm yeah, I didn't think so much of Coventry, but I've heard both Warwick and Leamington are nice - I also have Bath to think of too! D: decisions, decisions...
    and Edinburgh are so nice and generous with offers! The only thing is, they don't do any scholarships for language students, but the bursaries are good! =D they must turn down lots of people then, it makes you feel so much better at that! contextual factors must play a part, I mean I'm at an academy that doesn't admit all that many uni applications and my parents didn't go uni, so I assume that's got something to do with it...but surely they lower it if they want you there too, it's very weird!
    do you have your speaking exams coming up soon?
  5. kayleigh.jean
    the actual place Warwick is nice...I personally hate the uni campus though 'cause it's on the outskirts of Coventry which isn't so nice xD it all depends on what you're after I guess though; Warwick and Edinburgh are so different!
    I think usually it'd make sense, but Edinburgh you have to have been predicted AAA so it's just that their offers are lovely go on the place and course too
    yeah :O but apparently they'd've made about 60 offers or something - there'll be a couple of hundred language students if all the language courses take on that many people
    it's weird; I know contextual factors play a part (did originally think that my offer may have been lowered as the outcome of my school's ofsted could have downgraded us to give me an extra contextual factor :lol:) but there doesn't seem to be a clear defining way of them giving the offers! could be an Essex girl, BBB yeah
  6. MeganStacey
    Aha! IS Warwick a good place? I think it's all going on what I think on the day really! Now I'm in at Edinburgh I think I'll find it better than the first open day ) but I've never been to Warick...O_O if I use common sense using grades it'd be Edinburgh as insurance but there's more to it than that )
    19?! I see what you mean about the media, I think there'll be more than that, for all the languages Edinburgh offer the number seems too small! I don't get Edinburgh's offers and why they offer some BBB and others AAB or AAA, it makes no sense :') Essex! Do they want BBB too?
  7. kayleigh.jean
    aww cool well go with an open mind (even though Edinburgh > Warwick/Coventry/Leamington :lol:) I wish we could just keep all offers then choose once results are in
    that's what the forums are saying did you see that there are 19 places for French & Spanish with 244 applicants :O probably, media misinforming people -_- *cue political rant*
    same! The third best uni in the UK for modern languages on an international scale offering BBB Essex; they accept general studies so it will actually work as an insurance :yep: will yours be Warwick or Edinburgh?
  8. MeganStacey
    Well I'm visiting Warwick on the 7th March, but the more I think of Edinburgh the more I want to go there!!! I'm the same really, it's where I've wanted to go for ages, but there's so many other choices it really is a beautiful place..
    Are they down on last year! I'm not surprised to be honest with the tuition fees etc, it's probably same across the country, and really!! That's amazing, I'm so happy with those entry grades - where's your second choice going to be?
  9. kayleigh.jean
    ah nice, have you visited Warwick? I'm definitely firming; I think I'd be mad to turn it down when I've wanted to go there for so long and it's my favourite city in the world :love:
    awesome haha, she was rude! I think applications from the UK are down though, even though general applications are up...good for us ^^ It seems to only be languages who have reduced their offers too
  10. MeganStacey
    Yeah! I'm actually really unsure as to whether I want to firm - Warwick's my other choice I think what about yourself? You probably will now! I'd love a little chat with her too, I mean she was very negative...I think they try and talk people out of applying there but it seems not to have worked :')
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