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  1. MonicaTitu
    Hi Kewal pleasure to meet you... I am really glad to hear that you have applied for biotechnology in Herts .... Are you applying from India or were you brought up in England?.... Im applying from India... Do check out the forums on Life Sciences courses here in TSR they are really useful... also there is a thread for Hertfordshire 2012 applicants where current students at the uni give valuable info on the uni's accomodation, enviroment etc., I had applied to
    Hertfordshire.... I have already got unconditional offers from the first 3 unis ... still waiting to hear from Herts... fingers crossed... erm what other universities have you applied to Kewal?
  2. kewaldoshi
    hey i am also from India and have also applied to Hertfordshire for Biotechnology i have received a conditional offer and looking for some useful information on the topic. let me know if you can find something useful and what other universities have you applied to?

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