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  1. Piko_Piko
    Not up to your usual high standard, Norton.
    Thanks for trying though
    If I'm ever in Edinburgh I'll check it out.
  2. Norton1
    I did once manage to burn myself by using hot water instead of hot milk for my hot chocolate at Uni and got totally mothered by all the women in the cafe, but not really anything else. I can however massively recommend 'Chocolate Soup' which Is just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and does the most inventive hot chocolates I've ever seen.
  3. Piko_Piko
    (Original post by Norton1)
    The thing that got me was that the powder didn't dissolve, it was incredible, I poured boiling water over it and it didn't get wet. I eventually had to beat it to death with the broom; looked like it was going to gain sentience.
    You crack me up! :awesome:
    Do you have any more hot chocolate-related ancedotes?
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