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Conversation Between justanotherindigo and Sui-Kinxtar_kitty

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  1. justanotherindigo
    thank you! really appreciate it :')
  2. Sui-Kinxtar_kitty
    Awww you will be fineeeee dont worry or over work!!
  3. justanotherindigo
    That's good! I've got my first biology module in Jan :eek: Pretty scared about it
  4. Sui-Kinxtar_kitty
    Great so far!!
  5. justanotherindigo
    Hey! How have you been? How's UCL?
  6. justanotherindigo
    That's good! You still have your place
    I wish you the best with the remarks and good luck at UCL..your going to enjoy it!
  7. Sui-Kinxtar_kitty
    Yes Im still going UCL
  8. justanotherindigo
    Aww, that's good and hopefully things will change for the better
    Keep on having faith in yourself and you'll succeed! Your still going to UCL right?
  9. Sui-Kinxtar_kitty
    Thats absolutely fab!!!

    Well you need 320 to get an A... Chemistry: 530, Biology: 511 and Latin: 317
    I sent off one of my latin papers and I went up by 2ums marks so Im now on 319... Ive sent the other paper off now...

    Everything is in Gods will now and well I still have faith that it may change
  10. justanotherindigo
    heyy They were great thanks! I got 100% in english literature :woo: and other A*'s A's and B's You? What did you get last week?
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