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  1. justanotherindigo
    Oh ok.
    Too busy revising! Wbu?
  2. justanotherindigo
    Everyone's like that! When you live somewhere for a long time, you don't realise your accent until you've gone somewhere else. It's normal, happens to me all the time!
  3. TheDizzeeKid
    Nahh, it's a great, modern city, but for some reason I'm just drawn to Laaaandan :P
    I didn't know I had one until I went to Birmingham and was told
  4. justanotherindigo
    Is Cardiff really that bad? I like the accent (Really weird I know)
  5. TheDizzeeKid

    I know London isn't all great but I'd much rather live in London or Birmingham tbh than Wales..
    :yep: Cardiff.
  6. justanotherindigo
    Wales? That's cool London isn't as it seems on TV tbh:/ You know, all the fancy buildings and stuff, that isn't the 'real' London. So many naive people from other countries thinking that London is the best place to live. It isn't, that's all I can say Are you from the capital or some other city or town?
  7. TheDizzeeKid
    True dat :yep: I hope you do well too!
  8. justanotherindigo
    You're not the only one lacking motivation! Just try your best and I hope that you do well Just revise for the sake of it, it will be all over by 2 months! Inspirational quotes does help aswell Where about's do you come from?
  9. TheDizzeeKid
    Fine thanks...I'm lacking motivation atm so I google up good motivational/inspirational quotes to keep me revising through the night :moon:
    A few months ago, a history teacher in my school organised an off timetable assembly for the whole year group called 'Imagine a summers day'. To make a long story short it was basically a story of a person who came in on results day, gutted, because they knew they could do better. After that, most people were revising like mad but now people have started to become lazier...Namely me!
  10. justanotherindigo
    Your welcome How are you? Revsion and stuff like that...
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