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  1. justanotherindigo
    Oh right! I understand your feeling, I was really lookin forward too but at first the work is quite hard! But if you have chosen subjects which you love then you will be a lot more motivated and passionate so it won't be a calamity! Ace you GCSE exams and you'll be in good shape
  2. justanotherindigo
    Thank you; and an A is an awesome grade! Well done on that Somali? Are you Somalian if you don't mind me asking? [I am lol], and sixth form does cover what you did at GCSE but it is at a higher level and it gets a lot harder, especially with the sciences! The volume and pressure of work increases too, so you need to start revising from Day 1! And thank you very very very much because I WILL NEED IT! And you also, ace the exams! It will all be worth it in the end

    And I did Double Science at GCSE; and now I do Biology at A-Level It's harder at first, but you'll get used to it and make sure that you start your revision/preparation early Also, if you planning to take physics, chemistry and maths- it's a huge jump!
  3. champion1
    Well done on the A* in the poetry exam. I slightly missed the A* I was 2 marks off but I guess that is alright. Somali ended up with a high A. I took my English Language Unit 1 exam and also Business exam today so I hope I done well on that, wish me luck I might need it! Good to hear that sixth form work is interesting, apparently it covers what you already learnt in GCSE but in great detail or am I wrong do you learn new content? I am looking forward to sixth form life and I hope I find it interesting as well.Wosh you great successes from your studies and continue to work hard and aim for the very top grades! Happy new year!
    And yes, I will try my best to work hard and have a fantastic year at the same time. Thanks!

    By the way can I just ask if you did triple science for GCSE and what you got in them and what have you picked for A levels. I am considering triple science and maths.
  4. justanotherindigo
    Hello there!
    Yes I started sixth form, and believe me it's nothing like school! The work load triples but it's a lot more interesting than GCSE so i guess that makes it fun That's fine! Yeah, I got an A* in poetry which was a complete shock to me and what grade did you get? I hope it's very good!
    Haha yes (: Good luck to you and have a fab year, you are going to miss it an awful lot!
  5. champion1
    I guess you are now in Sixth Form Year 12? How are your studies going? Sorry long time no speak. How were your poetry exam results? Hope all is well. I'm starting to realise what a tough year this Year 11 is! Wish me good luck!
  6. champion1
    My email is

    and tips for unseen poetry:
    1) Ask yourself what the poem is about? The general ideas behind it and the message the poet is trying to present.

    2) What language devices does the poet use to present these messages and what effect does it have on the reader?

    3) Why is the poem structured in that particular way? What effect does this create?
    E.g. A sonnet form is used for presenting love and affection through a tightly controlled rhythm and form. This shows great care has been gone into writing the poem and the rhyming gives the poem a rhythmic pace to the reader when reading.

    Or if the poem didn't rhyme and it was a poem about war you could say how the poet has chosen not to make it rhyme to show that war is a brutal, unpleasant thing. Also it could have a messed up structure to represent that war can be dangerous and damaging.

    Also check out the englishbiz guide. It's really helpful:
  7. justanotherindigo
    ok :cool:
    I will need your e-mail
    Do you know how to analyse unseen poetry?
    I need help with that!
  8. champion1
    Yes do send them! That would be great!

    RE: Your essay seems really good!
    I have completed the notes and I have both sample questions and A grade answers.
    I have also made a document on how to write an A* response in the exam!(:
    Do you want be to send it too you??
  9. justanotherindigo
    Your essay seems really good!
    I have completed the notes and I have both sample questions and A grade answers.
    I have also made a document on how to write an A* response in the exam!(:
    Do you want be to send it too you??
  10. justanotherindigo
    For the full essay, you can e-mail me to:

    I will be able to give you feedback quickly, and send you some of my notes
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