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  1. justanotherindigo
    Aha yeah probably; but it's scary
    And thank you; I had my final exam today so no more until May but there's coursework and a lot of revision notes to be done!
    Aww hopefully (:
  2. x-Sophie-x
    Ahh, I'm sure you're just worrying about nothing! I do that a lot.
    Glad everything's going well (:
    I had maths today, and I think that went well..I hope aha. (:
  3. justanotherindigo
    Aha they are going okay. I had Biology last Wednesday and to be fair, it was a good paper but I feel like I have mucked up I have RS tomorrow and revision for it is going just as fine. Wbu?
  4. x-Sophie-x
    How are exams going?
  5. justanotherindigo
    It isn't great; especially when everyone makes it out that I'm a complete genius The pressure of expectation isn't a good one at all.
    Ah best of luck! I start on Wednesday which Biology! xx
  6. x-Sophie-x
    Aww I know what you mean; same situation here. Thank you xD
    It's Maths C3 Ahh, so stressed! x
  7. justanotherindigo
    That's good! I'm alright thanks; just very very stressed out about next week
    Ah right, good luck with Maths and what module is it? And thank you! I'm doing more procrastination than revision!
  8. x-Sophie-x
    Heeey! Everything's going well thank you! A lot of work though! How are you?! Haha same here!
    Just the one; I've got Maths in January! Good luck with your two January exams! (:
  9. justanotherindigo
    Heyyyyya! How have you been lately? I've completely neglected this place for too long haha. How's college and your subjects? Hope it's all it's going well. Any Jannie exams? I have two :cry2:
  10. justanotherindigo
    I know! Ah right that's alright then, I've done all three but we are still on proteins, and yes they are pretty interesting actually. You only realise how boring GCSE's are!
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