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Conversation Between x-Sophie-x and TheDizzeeKid

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  1. x-Sophie-x
    Because I'm replying to his message on my wall -___- Or are you dumb

    /convo for the LAST time.
  2. TheDizzeeKid
    Also, why on Earth are you reading the comments that I put on his wall.
  3. TheDizzeeKid
    Ohh so your also trying to play the 'duplicate acc.' game. The pair of you are a waste of time
  4. x-Sophie-x
    Can't you leave Tom alone! He's done nothing wrong, and I would like to remain friends with him thank you very much -__-
  5. TheDizzeeKid
    Immature is actually broadcasting private conversations, regardless of whether another person brought it up.
  6. x-Sophie-x
    So immature, I don't know what to say.
  7. x-Sophie-x
    I didn't involve anyone, Tom intervened himself.
  8. TheDizzeeKid
    Exhibit A.
  9. TheDizzeeKid
    Why would I ask for you to ignore me??
    Continue on PM.
  10. TheDizzeeKid
    This is what I meant....If you didn't hate me you wouldn't CONSTANTLY say /convo :confused:
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