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  1. tiffsays
    Omg hey! I jsut saw this I'm seriously sooo sorry! But I just added you >_<
  2. winniey
    tell me after you added my skype
    cause I'm not sure which name I should give you
    like skype name or the log in name or email lol
    cheers! :P
  3. winniey
    skype: winnie.yan.wai.
  4. tiffsays
    What you shouldn't be! In fact, I made some friends there, and I realized how the culture there is totally different. Everyone is super supportive of each other but it's just that when the lecturers ban your idea, you kind of get frustrated cause there are dead lines and stuff. Haha. And yeah no problem I could send you some pictures and stuff. Do you have skype or something? Cause I think the pictures are too large to be sent over by email(: And we did sort of learn about theories, but basically because architecture is so abstract there's no like definite answer or theory. It's just what's pleasing to the eye? But we did learn about a few famous architects, so it was cool(:
  5. winniey
    Now I'm worried whether I'm really capable of studying architecture...
    Mind if I ask would you mind sending some of the photos on the models and sketches you've made during the course? I really want to take a look! Sounds very interesting
    Did you study anything like theories or history in the course?
  6. tiffsays
    Basically the entire course, we made models, did some drawings, and sketches. The most painful part was thinking of a model, because we had to think outside the box and stuff. Then we would all gather to critique.. well for me it was rather excruciating, since after the course I realized architecture was really not my thing. And I'm planning to apply for law at Bradford, Buckingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Staffordshire(:
  7. winniey
    So what did you do throughout the course? Doing models and designs?
    Which school did you apply for law in UK?
  8. tiffsays
    Ooo nono I'm not a dse student. I'm actually studying at a international school in Singapore but I'm from Hong Kong. But basically what they said was that from 2012 onwards, the undergrad course would change from 3 years to 4 years. And also, since we had teacher assistants there who were basically architecture students from HKU, they told us that after undergrad you go intern at a office for 1 year and then return and finish your masters(: It's pretty cool cause one of the professors who taught us there, I saw him on TV when I was on HK while flicking through the local channels. Totally accidental!

    And no, haha I didn't apply for architecture in the UK >_< I'm actually applying for law in the UK haha(:
  9. winniey
    wao, niceeeeeeee to meet you!! So you're going to have dse also? Thanks for offering help! I'm really interested in knowing what did you guys do in the course! I really wanted to go but I'd already enrolled an overseas tour

    Btw, mind me asking did you apply Architecture in UK?
    What subject do you study?
  10. tiffsays
    Hey I know this is totally random but it's really surprising seeing someone from Hong Kong. What I wanted to say was that I took the summer architecture program last year in hku, and if you have any questions you could ask me because they said what we learnt in 3 weeks is what year 1's would learn(: Hope this helps if you're still figuring out what to major in!
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