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  1. MangoFreak
  2. L'Evil Fish
    An embryo can't give permission, so that's even worse? Words obviously have no effect on you, but pictures would :ninja;
  3. MangoFreak
    I said if it were sapient. And killing another =/= killing oneself :lolwut: A suicidal person can give consent to be euthanised, and can obviously decide for themselves whether to die or not. A developed foetus has no idea what's going on.

    I figured that would be obvious to an intelligent person such as yourself :smug:
  4. L'Evil Fish
    Eexcuse me... But in terms of abortion I'm not scientifically inaccurate, I never said they have a brain, before 24 weeks, but to me it's still killing... To me is seems, that the only thing you believe is that if it can feel and has a brain it shouldn't be killed, so then why do you believe in euthanasia and suicide... It should be consistent surely? If you believe that it is murder to have it killed as it has a brain then you can not make the exception for people who want to commit suicide... And are asking for help, I'm not saying suicide should be illegal but that you must be consistent throughout... At least...
  5. MangoFreak
    Just wanted you to know, I disagree with your views, not with your right to have them :^_^: Although your views are scientifically inaccurate and totalitarian :ahee:
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