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Conversation Between Pareidolia and FuzzySheep

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  1. FuzzySheep
    There was actually a plan to make a Boosh movie, Noel even confirmed it and everything but it's been a few years since he made the statement! Fingers crossed for one in the somewhat near future.

    Favourite character, the Moon of course Favourite episode... I loved the Power of the Crimp (I think it's called!). I loved the third series most of all. How about you?
  2. Pareidolia
    Yep, I love it! Noel Fielding is just such a great actor, in my opinion, and so is Julian Barratt. They should make a film together.

    What's your favourite character/episode?
  3. FuzzySheep
    I am indeed! Are you? Noel's new programme was a massive let-down, not the same without Julian
  4. Pareidolia
    Nice avatar. Are you a boosh fan then?
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