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  1. Lakhvir.Singh
    Ahhh thanks!

    I had a visit day last Wednesday and I fell in love with the uni That's a nice diverse set of subjects haha Alot of the lake had ice in so I couldn't admire the entire beauty of the campus What are them two red lego(ey) buildings? They looked cool x
  2. Viennaberry
    Aha, oops As far as I know there arent any gyms on the campus, just with the accomondation, but I think you'd have to check it out on your chosen accomondation website ^^
    Jubilee has a lot of accountancy, law, education and language students- it's a really nice mix of cultures, and if you haven't visited, the buildings are all really awesome. The library is like an upside down diamond in the middle of a lake and you walk up around the outside without steps like a winding trail XD x
  3. Lakhvir.Singh
    You wrote on your own wall lol :3
    Ahh, I knew there must have been a difference between the two buses, thanks for clearing that up!
    Is there a gym on every campus or is it only at the accommodation? How far is the town from St Peters court walking? This might be quite a wildcard but what courses are run at Jubilee Campus? I'd like to know the types of subjects people study there!
    Thanks x
  4. Lakhvir.Singh
    Thanks for replying :3
    Do these self catered accommodations have common rooms, or is it just flats with kitchens and stuff? :s Excuse my dumbness, but what's the difference between the bus service and the hopper bus? x
  5. Viennaberry
    :3 It's difficult to be close to both tbh, because on foot they're about 30mins apart, bus 10 mins. St Peter's is about 30mins on foot to university park but nobody walks because of free bus service If you go for Broadgate then I don't think they do a bus service, so you'd need to get the free hopper bus from university park to jubilee campus ^^ Yeah! There are a lot of student housing areas around here, so a lot of friends moved out- but it lacks tge security and convinience of living in student accomondation, so a lot of people stay in. Atm I live with a third year, a second year and a fourth year so you wouldn't be alone with a bunch of freshers x
  6. Lakhvir.Singh
    Ahhh lol I heard Broadgate is the best self-catered, I want to be close to both campuses. I've also heard that St Peters is far from University Park - how far is it walking? :/ Yeah, I don't want to miss out at all I didn't know you could have accommodation for year 2 and 3 Thanks! x
  7. Viennaberry
    It's not super uncommon, there's a free bus which runs every 15mins between the two campuses so people can go to their class on one but live near/on the other. However, you're actually in the same boat as I was XD All my classes are on Jubilee, and I also wanted self-catering! :3 There are three student accomondation places near Jubilee which offer non-catering accomondation; St Peter's court, Raleigh park and Opal 1. I lived at st.peters last year, this year, and have booked for next year- it's about ten minutes walk to Jubilee, but aslo offers free bus service into town/jubilee/main campus every twenty mins which isn't included elsewhere. Obviously, you don't live on campus if you opt for one of these, but it's all students and you don't miss out- they orginise so much freshers stuff and it's really part of university life
  8. Lakhvir.Singh
    My first question is, how common is it for people who have a course on Jubilee Campus to live on University Park? I think I want self-catered too I cannot decide on accommodation at all, so advice please x
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