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  1. Phoenix07
    Don't worry this is my last attempt and then ill leave you to it!

    I am really ****ing sorry about tonight ... had a horrible night and I am sorry that you got the brunt of that, because you are the only person I actually have and actually want to talk to at the moment and I don't think you realise how much p*ssing you off tonight really did affect my whole night! (and sorry about all the emails after p*ssing you off ... panic mode officially engaged)

    ps. if you can't be arsed with me anymore (and I would totally understand) then just wanted to say thankyou for everything, and goodluck!
  2. Phoenix07
    I know it is really difficult to be on your own ... but I can honestly say that I wish I had sorted myself out before I got with my current bf! Because I am **** and that is just really unfair on everyone involved! I had such a horrible time with my ex and he treated my so badly that I guess I though the only way to make me feel better was to be with someone really nice who liked me! But I should have sorted myself out first .... and I really regret that I didn't so honest to god that is my biggest and only bit of advice that I can give people! Because you are going to be able to find someone as brilliant as you are, but if you aren't sorted in yourself then you may end up ****ing things up as much as I have! Laptop is going to die though and don't have me charger so going to have to go off soon :/ on a scale of like 1 to 10 how stalkery would it be to PM you my email so we could carry on talking for a bit.....? Feel free t say no I won't be offended at all (learnt to have a thick skin because ... well because I am me) will just have to talk to you tomorrow or something .....? (I am honestly not as stalkery as I may come across though!
  3. Phoenix07
    I am a girl (shocking stuff I know) and I don't think thats all that you're here for at all ... you know that! and I think you need to realise that you are here for yourself as well as other people! You are just such a lovely lad (I know I keep saying this but it really is true) you just haven't had the right people in your life so far .... sorry I know I probably sound like a complete nob!
  4. Phoenix07
    I know theres nothing I can do ... makes me a lil bit sad that I can't help you how you've helped me hun! You really are a really wonderful lad though, and you are just so selfless its amazing there is someone like you still left in this day and age!
    I am around for you anytime though hun .... you shouldn't be at all jealous though, you (and him) deserve someone a hell of a lot better and more together then someone like me! :hugs: sorry I can't help you though huni!
  5. Phoenix07
    Sorry ... I wasn't meaning to be so nosey, was just trying to help! Life isn't fair no ... but you are an amazing lad and you deserve to be happy, I know that might be difficult and take time but you just got to keep going! I really am sorry that you had such a **** time as a kid babe, you most certainly did not deserve to be treated like that :hugs: You aren't bothering me with it hun, I want you to talk to me and I want t be able to help in some way! Lets be honest I have nothing on my plate ... you have loads on your plate, and if sharing things with me helps make it a little bit easier for you then thats great, You shouldn't have to carry everything by yourself!
  6. Phoenix07
    well I do worry huni, you are such a lovely person and I want to try and help you if I can ... you really do deserve someone hun! (just sorry you are stuck with me at the moment) And there is not a chance in hell that my need is greater than yours you fool .... You being happy is just as important, if not much more important lets be honest!

    :hugs: Wish I could do more to help you feel better hun, you have been there for me, just annoys me that I can't be there for you in the same way!
  7. Phoenix07
    It is difficult sometimes .... but its difficult anyway because I had some real issues with my ex really not being a very nice person at all, so its taken me long enough to be able to get close to anyone again!

    but thats not good hun, you should have just told me to shut up with all of my rambling! Whats up chuck? Anything particular or just general down-ness? Sorry need to stop just rambling at you! You know I am here for you sweety!
  8. Phoenix07
    Its just difficult because he gets so down whenever I am not happy ... because he doesn't seem to understand that my mood isn't connected to what I am doing. I will just be perfectly happy one minute and it'll be gone the next! So it is really difficult but I keep trying to explain it all too him but I really don't know how to ... some days I just can't be happy no matter what!

    We broke up for a couple of months last year to try and sort things out ... I ended up being threatened with hospitalisation though because it didn't really go well and I became really rather ill ( won't take you through all the details though dw) but yer .... not very good at all this really am I!
  9. Phoenix07
    haha I am a b*tch but I am ok with that! Nah it is really nice talking to people who understand how you feel but being able to talk about other stuff (although as I was writing that I was thinking that all I seem to do is complain to you about my problems and stuff .... sorry :/ ) I am not stuck with you hun, I really like talking to you, glad I managed to find someone as nice as you on here! Having a partner can make things better ... but it makes things so much more difficult too ... it is hard to try and focus on sorting myself out when I have to spend all of my time pretending to be happy and fine because god forbid I didn't seem happy because then he wouldn't be ... its hard work! You have me and siri ... we are both here for you
  10. Phoenix07
    haha nah you shouldn't we need these little things to feel good about ourselves every now and again .... the issue is that if all people who don't care aren't worth the time then I am left with no one! In fairness I only really talk to you on here still .... did talk to a fair few people on here for a while but kind of given up now .... I know a lot of the people are really nice but just seemed to end up in the same position of talking to people when they needed someone and then being left with nothing ... I know I shouldn't be so mean and selfish but I am just being a bit of a b*tch at the moment! You up t much then huni?
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