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  1. Phoenix07
    Well thats because you do everything in the world each day .... hope you are feeling better after you sleeps though! Its not true though .... he has had his heart broken he needs me there for him ... where as I am just being sh*tty because of me! Up t much tonight?
  2. Phoenix07
    meh .... Its fine, can't really be arsed with it all at the moment, just don't think me being in this state is really helping my housemate feel better at all! Hows you though? headache any better?
  3. Phoenix07
    not really feeling great .... anxiety has been really high all day, and just hit a really really low point now ... not ideal really but never mind hey just life isn't it! Hows you doing then?
  4. Phoenix07
    I do very much appreciate all of your wise words of wisdom ... thank you very much! And you do have very many talents .... any girl would be lucky to snap you up
  5. Phoenix07
    christ .... you do sound so wise and clever sometimes and make me feel sooooo stupid .... and then I remember that about an hour a go you told me a joke about lesbians and order is restored but I know you are right hun!
  6. Phoenix07
    haha ... owh dear having issues with the housemate whose gf broke up with him the other week! She is being a b*tch and ****ing him around and he is letting her .... but theres not much I can do grrrr .... its hard work isn't it!
  7. Phoenix07
    Would most definitely liven up the show ... but the would probably kick you off or something because of your rude jokes Although saying that they are funny .... need t stop sleeping with bi women though clearly
  8. Phoenix07
    Nope I cannot ... because my opticians (like my DRs) seem to think that all my problems are because I am at university. Apparently as soon as I leave uni my anxiety and depression will be gone and I will be able to see again .... exciting stuff

    But good ... I think you most definitely deserve some you time hun! I think you should go a long and tell them some jokes ... I would vote for you over the **** they have on their normally!
  9. Phoenix07
    How'd the learning support session go then? God you always make me feel so bad, its only just past lunch and you have done bloody loads ... I have got out of bed and just about made it to the library! Feeling horrific today though .... going home for a few days tomorrow though so hopefully that will help with the calming down a bit and stuff ... doubt it though home is normally a very stressful place! Hope your head feels better soon hun ... my head is killing but just because I refuse to wear my glasses so its my own fault really!
  10. Phoenix07
    haha that was such an odd way of saying it lol .... I am in the library thank you very much, I have been up since 7 because I haven't been able to sleep because of the stupid chest pains. Definitely think that it is all the panicking about the future yer .... starting to get it all sorted though, got some work experience and filling out some job applications so its all going alright! What you and your cramp up to then?
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