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  1. ash911
    ohh no wonder you were sian, shipping law is like one of the driest and most technical i think! not sure about commercial litigation, but i expect it's the same! my boss does quite a few criminal cases, so it's very interesting because you get to see people from all walks of life. it's probably like that too for LAB right? that's one of the good things about being a lawyer, you really meet people of all sorts, and it feels good helping the less fortunate too! ^^ haha well you don't have to completely do nothing for the 3 months :P like i will be taking intensive driving lessons so that i can get my license before i go to uni. and i still have NS commitments so must stay in shape too lol!
  2. cherylcxe
    Hahaha yeah! But so far the court cases I've been to on internships are super sian -_- Like, one was some shipping case and the other was a commercial litigation case, no criminal cases! Yeah it's quite sad, I see lots of really young women who want a divorce 'cos their husbands are unfaithful/ irresponsible, and most of the marriages are shotgun. It's a really different side of society, especially since most of the applicants to LAB aren't very well educated I have never been attached to litigation before hahah I got shipping and mergers&acquisitions lolol. I guess we *should* take a break but the thought of 3 months of nothingness scares me hahah. Yup sure, add me at [email protected]. I *think* you should be able to find me since we have a mutual friend now hahah
  3. ash911
    yup i do the same too! isn't going to court fun? of course, it's probably more fun for us, since we're not fighting for the clients LOL some of the cases are actually quite sad yeah? especially cause one of my bosses does mostly divorce cases, so it's sad when the moms bring the kids and everything haha they said that interns normally are attached to the litigation department? i guess because it's more exciting and we'll be able to follow the lawyers to court too... you should take a break after your internship ends! don't have to work so hard now, if not we'll not be relaxed when we start actual law school, which would be really bad. so enjoy for a few months travel or something! that's what i wanna do at least haha. hey btw can i add you on facebook? it's easier to communicate that way. i already added Leah hehe
  4. cherylcxe
    Hahaha it's really cool 'cos you get lots of work, I get to draft summons applications, opinions and stuff, and yup we get to follow lawyers to court! And sit in during legal advice sessions where clients come and tell us sob stories :P We even get to call clients to ask for information pertaining to the case! IMO it's much more fun compared to my previous two internships at private law firms 'cos I didn't get to do much then.. Oh cool Allen & Gledhill, do you know whether you'll be doing litigation or corporate law there? Sigh I don't know what I'll be doing when this internship ends at the end of April T_T
  5. ash911
    haha i know, sadly not much advice i can give about uni interviews @_@ ooh legal aid bureau! nice! do you get to follow the lawyers around? i just came back from court, spent the whole morning there with my boss and it was REALLY interesting i'm working at a small firm called Advocates Legal Chambers LLP, will be doing an internship at Allen & Gledhill before I go to uni what about you?
  6. cherylcxe
    Hahah yeah everyone who got in makes it sound so easy T_T I'm doing it at the legal aid bureau and it's really fun and I get to learn a lot compared to my previous internships at law firms. And everyone there is really nice so I'm really enjoying it! (Although it's only been two days...) Where are you working? hahah will you be getting any internships before university starts?
  7. ash911
    it's ok, important thing is just to relax and be comfortable and talk normally. but that's not very good advice since everyone says that :P ooh great! where are you doing your internship? haha it's really fine, you don't have to be a news buff or anything. although reading the papers wouldn't hurt of course hehe. gosh i'm dead tired after work nowadays.. just came back a couple of hours ago
  8. cherylcxe
    haha I'm not very good at interviews. sorry for the slightly late reply, I've just started on an internship! hm okay thanks for giving a bit of advice hahah I'm really worried now 'cos I don't really read the papers teehee
  9. ash911
    haha thanks, but now all i really want is to go to the uk :/ i think you'll get SMU or NUS or even both - you're good enough for some good UK unis right? haha well i had a great NS experience (if rather unusual) so i don't know what your friends are talking about lol. all the best to them though! and the essays for NUS and SMU make you think quite a bit - there's not a lot of time to write them. the SMU essay is like 15mins (crazy right??) and you have to think very fast. the NUS one is longer but also quite challenging. the interviews were ok! basically more like a conversation than anything really, that's the thing about law interviews. just prepare for the basic questions like why you want to do law, that sort of thing (although i never got that question, strangely).. they will likely give you a topic, or ask you to choose one, and present your views on it. you should have a topic at hand that you're interested in, in case they ask you to choose
  10. cherylcxe
    Hahah oh wow good for you! I've applied to both NUS and SMU but I'm not confident I'll be able to get SMU or NUS, that's why I applied to the UK :/ Yeah I guess that's one benefit of NS, although I've heard horror stories from my friends who just enlisted so I'm not sure if the pros outweigh the cons :P If you don't mind me asking, how did your essay and interview go? I'm freaking out over it even though I'm not even sure I'd get an interview with either schools..
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