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  1. jazzenthusiast
    Wow :O That's amazing, congrats!
    You have honestly made me feel so much better.
    I'm in a very academic school and lots of people have already started so this puts pressure on me. One of my closest friends started 10 weeks ago and keeps making me feel as if we only have the equivalent of one week left until the exams or something! Argh such a stressful time but I'll take on board your advice and just do little by little each day! Thanks again
  2. see-are
    6 weeks is plenty of time for most people although everyone is different. Obviously you are clever judging from your predictions so there is no way you need to revise that much. Seriously I have found that the kids in my year that attempted that much work became so so stressed and their work got to be a real hassle for them and it got worse and worse quality as they got more and more panicked. Keep the amount reasonable and work to the exam as much as possible - past papers and practice questions as well as reading the examiners report really are the best way to revise (at the same time as making SOME notes) . I was in the same situation as you last year with 6 weeks to go and feeling like i hadn't done enough (i had done none) but I didn't panic and did a couple hours of good revision per day while some of my peers were slogging away ... i got 11 a*s
  3. jazzenthusiast
    It's not that I'm not clever but I'm just so worried that there is so little time. Revising lots (even though I don't need to revise that much) gives me confidence and makes me feel less stressed.
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