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  1. juley
    I was of the same view, but last week I got a rejection from Durham so now it's Warwick all the way. First, I was pretty devastated because I really wanted Durham, but then again Warwick is one of the bests and it was actually the first university I got myself immersed in so it's all good. Did you go to the open day? I got kinda robbed since when I received my offer, they were pretty much all over, but I live very far so I might have not gone anyway. By the way, where does your fascination with French come from?
  2. 05knight
    I was waiting for Southampton and Durham but I've just got an offer from Southampton so only Durham now which is will be my first choice if they give me an offer - if not Warwick is too! I'm Rachel
  3. juley
    I'm still waiting for Southampton, but it's looking like Warwick will be my first choice. What other Universities are you waiting for? And what's your name btw? (Mine is Juley just like the username says. )
  4. 05knight
    I'm not really an expert at all this stuff either really but oh well! Warwick is my first choice at the moment but I'm still waiting for some unis to reply so I don't know 'officially' yet! Is it your first choice?
  5. juley
    hey there!
    just signed up to this forum thingy, so not so sure how this all works. but anyways, i got an offer for Warwick - French studies as well! is it your first choice?
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