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  1. PierceBrosnan
    Yeah, I suppose but you know it's their life.
  2. lilabs
    Agreed! It's social, to do it all the time just becomes boring and people think less of you, whether they're right or wrong to do so.
  3. PierceBrosnan
    Well, that's not the right way to go about becoming a doctor. Although, if you're doing exams, drugs every weekend isn't the best thing. Once a month I can understand but not every weekend.
  4. lilabs
    haha! I had a guy in my biology, your typical nob, boasting about how great he is and how he does drugs every weekend, he gets U's in everything. When he got asked what he wanted to do after college he said he wanted to do medicine to be a doctor!!
    There's no chance he'll get into A2.
  5. PierceBrosnan
    Yeah, I'm convinced that forbade is a word I finally managed to convince my brother who has just done A2 English Literature that forbade is a word. Yeah, same. But you also get some dip**** homophobes who are just dickheads. There was one in my Philosophy class, I'm not sure whether he'll be back at College any time soon.
  6. lilabs
    haha, must just be me! I've add it to my dictionary now anyway. I find a lot of words are like that, I always used to write aswell as one word, but it's two. We also had a huge debate in English about whether it's ment or meant.

    It tends to be the people who think they're God's gift that no one likes, even though they think they hot and all that. Luckily, most people I know now agree that those people are just idiots and we all take the piss out of them
  7. PierceBrosnan
    Yeah but then you get those dick heads who think they're Gods gift. I always thought learnt was a word but learned is the correct word apparently. :O I put learnt but no red squiggly line.
  8. lilabs
    I've learnt that there is always idiots, who nine times out of ten just happen to be chav like!

    oh, learnt has come up with a sqwiggly red line! I could have sworn it is a word :s
  9. PierceBrosnan
    I went to both a Catholic Primary and Secondary school I liked Primary school apart from Year Six where I had an absolute ***** of a teacher. Secondary School/Sixth form was just awful. College is just lovely albeit the occasional idiot in a class of mine.
  10. lilabs
    I go to a catholic sixth form, they have got quite a reputation for being posh snobs, but I foudn that they're actually all just fun and lovely people, with the occasional nob! Much nicer people than in highschool.
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