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Group Name Members Pictures
The Student Room's drawing room for all things Downton.
1 0
A society for web designers and developers to talk about projects and languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
5 0
For those who are part of the Athletic Club society
1 0
In this group, you may find useful resources for your examination preparation!
6 10
For all those that love Atlantis on BBC1
5 0
Mostly about any cool scimagic, or the real shiz.
2 0
A group for the mutual coming together of the various members (and alumni) of our fine educational establishment.
1 0
For all Communies/Community fans on TSR!
1 0
For all lovers of german shepherds/Alsatians
2 0
A group for qualified teachers or soon to be qualified teachers. For all those on the road to QTS! Come join the Qualified Teachers Society.
1 0
For all cubers, speedcubers, collectors, novices, experts and anyone interested in learning about the Rubik's cube and other twisty puzzles!
5 4
The place for those awesome immigrants, from abroad yet rocking the UK!!!
16 1
Is that your final answer?
9 4
Since there wasnt one, here it is! For retro and 80's music lovers.. Post away your favourites!!
6 1
For everyone who loves Orange Is The New Black
3 0
For lovers of head music of any kind from Bebop to Bass Music from Stravinsky to Suzanne Vega. Electronic or acoustic old or new.
2 0
A group that shows the most recent medical issues and/ or advances that we face in our society today.
6 0
Anyone with ASD invited. Feel free to chat about your condition with people like you.
5 0
Join if you are a NErDy person (Nitrogen, Erbium, Dysprosium)
2 0
If you a headphone freak like me then join in :). We can talk about anything and everything about headphones.
2 0

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