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A group for aspiring authors, poets or writers of any genre to share and collectively discuss their creative work or interests :)
2 0
A group to demonstrate solidarity with the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II in TSR's MHoC.
4 4
Open to all, even if you've never heard of the game :p
1 0
For anyone who studies or is thinking of studying with The Open University (Ou)
1 0
All Sports Fans Club
1 0
A group for all fans of Crash Bandicoot for discussion and appreciation - whether you are a hardcore fan or just nostalgic about your childhood!
6 2
This is a society for all fellow Xbox users. Veterans, and newbies. We welcome you all. Let's all end this console war here, both consoles are just as good as each other! But Xbox One is better.
3 0
For anyone totally in love with TVD! :)
10 1
Inception, Following, Memento, even Doodlebug - this is a group for anyone and everyone who loves Christopher Nolan, and the films he's produced.
3 0
For all of those with a love of or interest in Nando's!
14 0
People who are aspiring to get careers within IBD/AM/HF/PE
1 0
A group to discuss all things Owl City/Adam Young and other side projects.
1 0
If you're blonde both mentally and physically, feel free to join! :D
2 0
A society to appreciate all that is good about the gingery and insanely talented ball of fluffy loveliness known as Ed Sheeran.
9 0
The Student Room's drawing room for all things Downton.
14 0
A society for web designers and developers to talk about projects and languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
13 0
For those who are part of the Athletic Club society
1 0
In this group, you may find useful resources for your examination preparation!
7 10
For all those that love Atlantis on BBC1
10 0
Mostly about any cool scimagic, or the real shiz.
2 0

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