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A group for those looking to study at BGU, be that this year, next or whenever. A group for freshers to come too and discuss whatever they'd like too!
2 0
Surprised that there isn't already a Formula 1 society, so join if you're a fellow Formula 1 fan
1 0
A group for students studying Business with Finance through the RDI
1 0
A place to discuss your love of music
1 0
Sorry if a group like this has already been set up (I did look) but I thought I should set up a group for all those who love the TV show Arrow like I do!
1 0
A group for all international students coming to the UK to study at a university in September 2015.
1 0
For anyone who loves to dance. Share videos and stuff about sweet dance moves, sexy steps etc. share videos of you dancing. Talk about best dance songs out there. Welcome!
1 0
For all musical theatre lovers to discuss what they've seen and recommend
1 0
People in year 10 or over doing GCSE Triple Science. This group is a serious revising group where we ,help each other out on questions
2 0
Join us for amazing stories, listen, share and enjoy experiences!
4 0
this group is for people who want to discuss things about the TV show Daredevil and just what they think will be in season 2
3 0
A group for people who are proud of the UK.
1 1
A group for patricians only.
1 0
Talk about anything related to one of the most influential post-punk bands of all time, Joy Division. "Love will tear us apart, again".
10 5
The Pride of South London. The boys (and girls) from SE25.
1 0
Hey! If you're joining us in September, introduce yourself and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Hope you're all having a great start to the summer! Jemma
1 0
Wanted to find out who else is starting children's nursing at Worcester in September 2015, I can't find a group on Facebook so thought I'd start one on here :)
1 0
This is a group where you will find all football lovers and a group where you can find anything you want about football
2 0
A group for fans of Florence and the Machine/flows/members of the F+TM army! All things F+TM. You'll find us on TSR like sparks, wasting our goddamned time. Group created by Emmi12345 on 30/05/15.
4 3
shows such as : Running man , We got married
2 9

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